Taoki (mircea_kitsune) wrote in ljstyles_help,

Problem with CSS

Hello. I have my lj account for some time but only looked well into CSS today. There are some things I don't understand; 1. How can I make a header for a style that doesn't have one? 2. How can I change the background image of the posts windows (the background of each post on my journal, not the main background under "border" as I have that swt) and 3.Change the font colors if the option isn't under "colors". I'm using the Bloggish style btw.
The only thing that really worked for me was the background image under body{...}, but I tried many things like #header{} that didn't work (I also don't want to restyle completely just add a header or just an image at top of the page) and also the problem with the background for the content text window. Does anybody know how I can solve these things? Thanks.
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